Start A Supporter Campaign


Here are some of our current needs. Please consider supporting us in these endeavors. God bless!

College Tuition 2019

Once our kids graduate the Unto Me International sponsorship program, we don't want the help to end there. Many want to continue their education and become working professionals in their chosen fie...


Nicaraguan Staff Support 2019

We are proud to say that we have no paid North American staff; all work is done by caring dedicated volunteers. This campaign will help to support these in-country staff, laborers, cooks for the fe...


General Ministry Operations 2019

As with any ministry, there are overhead costs which must be incurred in order to carry out the ministry work we are called to do. These include building maintenance, utilities, insurance, gas, ins...


New Used Van

The ministry is in desperate need of a new used van to use for ministry purposes. Please help us raise money to make this critical need a reality.  .


Emergency food aid fund

This is a time of crisis here in Nicaragua, with the political unrest and street riots, many people have lost their jobs or had their businesses closed. Most families here live day to day. If their...


India Girls Home Support

The India Girls home is our newest project and we are thrilled to announce we are directly sponsoring a children's home in India that houses numerous girls who are learning about Jesus Christ.