Sponsor a child with Unto Me International

Sponsoring a child is a personal way to show Gods love to a child in need.

For just $35.00 a month you’ll help that child to escape a life of poverty and become who God intended for him or her to be.

Your contribution goes towards providing assistance in education, nutrition, medical care, spiritual development and vocational training. Click here for more information.

Maykeling Liseth Perez Mairena

Nabiuska Rashel Castro Lopez

Nadieska del Carmen Cruz Cisnero

Nicol Nanyuri Icabalceta Castro

Norgelis Abimahel Castellanos Cordoba

Osmalis Yunanci Castro Tercero

Rebeca Esther Manzanares Gonzales

Victor Jose Chavarria Jimenez

Walter Samuel Trana Granado

Wilson Josue Pineda Guido